Access Sample File(sampleDB_ENGver.accdb)

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The contents explained in the "Access sample code" published on Kindle (about 1000 characters) are sold as an Access sample file(.accdb) that actually works.

* This sample file is only an Access(.accdb) sample file, and there is no explanation or explanation of the code.

* This sample file has been checked for operation in Access2016, Windows7,10 environment.

[Access2016 Sample Code Kindle Edition]

Enclosed file:

- One sample file of Access(.accdb)

(No explanation of code)

Content of enclosed sample file:

1. User selection screen(access restriction with each user password) and sample code that branches the menu screen according to user privileges.(AccessVBA in Visual Basic Editor)

2. Sample macro(event-driven data macro at master_NameList) that implements a simple change history function in Access.


- This sample is used at the user's own risk even when trouble occurs regarding the use of this sample, or even when damage occurs to the user or a third party. In view of this, we will not be liable for damages or any other liability.

- When you try out the code of this sample, be sure to backup it or test it with a sample file then implement it in the production file.

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Access Sample File(sampleDB_ENGver.accdb)

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